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DEOGEN2 is a variant-effect predictor that improves the previous version. It aims at the multi-level contextualization of both the target variant and the affected protein by integrating information related to molecular, domain gene and pathway aspects. These heterogeneous sources of information are then encoded and fed to a Random Forest, from which the deleterious predictions are obtained. More Info
Raimondi, D., Gazzo, A. M., Rooman, M., Lenaerts, T., & Vranken, W. F. (2016). Multilevel biological characterization of exomic variants at the protein level significantly improves the identification of their deleterious effects. Bioinformatics, btw094.


DynaMine is a fast predictor of protein backbone dynamics using only sequence information as input.
Elisa Cilia, Rita Pancsa, Peter Tompa, Tom Lenaerts, and Wim Vranken. From protein sequence to dynamics and disorder with DynaMine. Nature Communications 4:2741 doi: 10.1038/ncomms3741 (2013)

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